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Graduate Students

Prior Graduate Students

  • Denae Ford

    Denae Ford is a first year PhD student in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. She received my Bachelors in Computer Science from NC State University in 2014. Her current research interest are Human Computer Interaction and how those principles apply to how individuals learn, retain, and apply that knowledge.

  • Cherie Conley

    For the past eight years, Cherie Conley has worked as a registered nurse in the cardiovascular unit of various hospitals around the country. However, her career in public health has spanned over 15 years and has included working as a community health educator in Baltimore, managing chronic disease prevention programs for corporate audiences in the Southern United States, researching women’s health in Zimbabwe, and studying and participating in health policy formation in Venezuela and Raleigh. After working in so many communities, she wanted to find out why there were such vast differences in the health knowledge and burden of…

  • Johanne Laboy

    Johanne Laboy has an M.B.A. in marketing and international business from the University of South Florida, and 17 years of experience in marketing and communications. She is a Ph.D. student in the Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media Program at North Carolina State University.   Johanne's research  interests include exploring the intersections of communication, digital media, and healthcare sciences within underserved populations, especially low-income Hispanics.

  • Mary Lavelle

    Mary Lavelle is a graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at NC State University. While at NC State, Mary focused her studies on health communication. Prior to attending graduate school, Mary worked for various non-profit organizations in the healthcare industry in Boston, MA. Mary received a bachelors degree in communication studies from Northeastern University.

  • Gabe Wright

    Gabe Wright is recently graduated with his M.S. in communication at North Carolina State University. Upon his graduation in May 2012, he hopes to pursue a career in the field of strategic communications (e.g. public relations, advertising, or marketing).  He completed his B.A. in Journalism (PR concentration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007.

    While at NC State, Gabe had various, invaluable work experiences including teaching two sections of COM 110 – Introduction to Public Speaking, interning with local news provider News 14 Carolina, and working as the Global Corporate Communications intern at Lenovo.…

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