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Principal Investigators

  • Fay Cobb Payton

    Principal Investigator

    Fay Cobb Payton, PhD is an editor for Health Systems, an OR Society journal, and Professor of Information Systems at North Carolina State University.  She is the founder and director of the MyHealthImpactNetwork initiative.  She is the Associate Editor for the Health Care section of the African Journal of Information Systems.  As a 2009-2010 American Council on Education Fellow, she worked with the NCSU Institute of Emerging Issues and North Carolina Central University.   She earned a Ph.D. in Information & Decision Systems (with a specialty in Health Care Systems) from Case Western Reserve University. 

    Prior to…Read Full Bio

  • Lynette Kvasny

    Co-Principal Investigator

    Lynette Kvasny received her Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems from the Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. Her research focuses on how and why historically underserved groups appropriate information and communication technologies. She has designed, implemented and assessed community computing projects in economically challenged neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA and West Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA. Her current research examines the performance of racial and ethnic identities in virtual communities, African and African American participation in the IT profession and higher education, and the influence of racial and gender identities on health information seeking and content creation. Kvasny holds herself…Read Full Bio

Prior Team Members

  • Kathy Hamilton Gore

    Ms. Kathy Hamilton Gore is a Senior Lecturer, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, College of Natural Resources, NC State University, Raleigh, NC.  She is the College of Natural Resources (CNR) 2012 Nominee for the University Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor Award and has been a member of the University Academy of Outstanding Teachers since 2002 when she received the CNR Outstanding Teacher Award. She received the University Athletic Academic Support Services’ Greatest Influence on the Academic Life of Student Athletes Award in 2010. She received the CNR Outstanding Academic Advisor Award in 2002, 2001, and 2000 and the…

  • Enid Montague

    Enid Montague, PhD is an Assistant Professor and Anna Julia Cooper Fellow University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Dr. Montague received MS and PhD degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2008, specializing in human factors and ergonomics engineering, the future professoriate, women’s studies and human computer interaction. Dr. Montague is currently an Assistant Professor and Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. Dr. Montague has received numerous awards for her research including the Francis Research Fellowship for research that emphasizes “longer, safer and healthier lives” and…

  • James Kiwanuka-Tondo

    James Kiwanuka-Tondo, PhD, has taught numerous courses including Communication Research Methods, Communication Campaigns, Intercultural/International Communication, Public Relations Applications (PR Campaigns), Media Effects, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, and Feature Writing.  He is an Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Public Relations program in the Department of Communication at North Carolina State University, and Director of International Studies in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is a member of the NC State Faculty Senate and President-Elect of Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society for International Relations, Eta Chapter of North Carolina State University.

    His main area of research is…

  • Woodrow Winchester III

    Dr. Woodrow Winchester is an Assistant Professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech University.  He was an attendee at the 5th Convivio International Interaction Design Summer School in Napier University, Edinburgh, UK.  He earned his BS, Masters and PhD all from North Carolina A&T State University.  He is the Laboratory Director for LUCID.  His research accomplishments include Methods:  Human-Centered Design (HCD), Empathetic approaches to design (e.g. cultural responsiveness in design), Benchmarking/best practices harvesting and Applications:  Medical Device/Technologies Design, Persuasive Technology Design for Health and Wellness, Training/Learning Systems Design and Management.

In Partnership with: Poole College of Management, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Science Foundation, Penn State