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February 05, 2014

Exactly Who Were You Trying to Reach?

The My Health Impact team and I tuned into the “We Are Empowered” discussion and webcast via VH1 hosted by Alicia Keys. This was a really good and informative webcast but I found myself completely disappointed that this was not aired on TV. This discussion would have been the perfect opportunity to open the door to discussion in homes, among friends and in relationships.

The women featured shared their own stories. To me their stories shed light on a different side of HIV that is very rarely shown. Who knew that having kids and maintaining a family was possible AFTER contracting HIV? I do, the My Health Impact team does, those that knew to go to to watch know as well. As you can see, the fact that this was not showed on TV bothers me. This deeply bothers me because those that took the time to 

go watch were interested in watching whereas the majority that probably needed to be tuned in, probably did not know about the webcast at all. This makes me question, who was the target audience? Those that already have a pretty good concept of what HIV is or those that are ignorant of the issue? The discussion always come back to education and how the key to ending the stigma surrounding HIV is educating but how well was that accomplished with this? In my honest opinion, not very well.

Please don’t mistake my criticism as not thinking this was a great webcast and discussion via Twitter. I believe that the webcast was so good that it needed to be on TV for all to see.



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