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January 24, 2013

Sound Your Voices

In last week’s blog, Dr. Kvasny wrote about the recent findings reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation.  That is, Black and Latino teens and young adults are concerned about HIV and its impact in their communities.  I look forward to the “young people” turning this concern into action.  Action involves getting educated on the issues.  Education can result in more informed decision-making, and it starts with “you”.  You can change the conversation around health in your community - whether it is HIV and stigma, diabetes and poor nutrition, or heart disease and smoking.  The conversation is influenced by your thoughts, questions, ideas, debates, perceptions and experiences, but you must share them.  This sharing gives you a voice. 

At, I invite you to share in the discussion by following and talking to us on Twitter @myhealthimpact.   Recent interesting tweets have referenced the movie, Django Unchained, President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration and the myHealthImpact team INFORMS Conference photo collection.  Comment on the site blogs.  We have had blogs on “The Test You Cannot Study For”, “HIV Influence on Music”, “HIV and the Black Church”, “Creating a User Experience” and “Music – Part 2: Black Girls That Rock”.  Watch us on YouTube (more is coming here).  Subscribe to the myHealthImpact newsletter. 

The “my” in myHealthImpact is about you.  Start a conversation with us.  What topics would interest you?  Sound your voices.  If not now, then when?

Dr. Fay Cobb Payton



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