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March 27, 2014

Spotify: Intro to Kid Cudi

No one truly understands my obsession with Kid Cudi. And that is okay. But music is in the ear of the beholder. After taking some time to listen to his new album, Satellite Flight: The Journey to the Moon”, released February 25, 2014, I have to say that I am truly impressed. Though not your typical rap album, Kid Cudi introduces his listeners to futuristic acoustic sounds, with an out-of-this-world experience. After taking a couple years off, Kid Cudi has return with an album that I said was worth the wait. After taking the journey into space with him, three songs stood out to me—Copernicus landing (instrumental), Troubled Boy, and Bailman Jeans. These songs demonstrate how versatile his musical craft is. Below are excerpts from two of the songs and my interpretation of the lyrics. I definitely think if you haven’t already, you should take the time to listen to this new album. When I need to get away from life’s unexpected events and troubles, I can always depend on a Kid Cudi song.

Troubled Boy

“So it seems

No one wants a troubled boy
Leave alone the troubled boy

I’ve learned”

For Troubled Boy, I believe Kid Cudi is realizing that nobody wants a “Troubled Boy” anymore. He is finally learning from all his experiences and mistakes, and finally making the transition into growing up and thinking at a higher level. Sometimes self-evaluation is essential for us to grow and develop into the person we are suppose to be. Our past shapes our future! To live a healthy and sane lifestyle, one has to be happy, first with oneself. That is so we can build healthy relationships with others.

Bailman Jeans 

“Hope you can feel the vibe
The vibes of the night
In my arms
We're under the stars

It's been so long, been such a hobby
Finding someone who electrifies my body
I need you to protect my heart...”

For Bailman Jeans, I believe Kid Cudi is letting his guard down and expresses his inner feelings and emotions for a woman he is involved with. Though he mentions it’s been a hobby for him to “entertain” multiple women, he has found something about her that electrifies him. Even though he also scared about exposing his heart, he wants to go to a place he has never been to, love. I think love is a remedy for healthiness too. Love brings out the best in people sometimes. You are able to face your fears and work through all your trail and tribulations. Love conquers all.



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