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November 19, 2014

Spoon Full of Sugar

The hottest topic in the news now is EBOLA. So naturally it makes sense that people have taken to their social media sites to share their opinion on the pandemic. They say that humor is the best way to sooth the soul, but the real question is how much is too much?

             Source: Instagram

There are many memes circulating on Instagram and Twitter poking fun at Ebola. It makes you wonder whether or not people understand how serious this disease is. I think it’s the fact the people haven’t had a personal example with ebola. People never realize how serious something is until it happens to someone near and dear to them. I’m sure that the family of the Thomas Eric Duncan would not find these memes as hilarious. Thomas Eric Duncan was the first case of the ebola virus in the United States. Duncan unfortunately passed away last week in Texas due to the disease.


I guess it honestly really does come down to health literacy and how social media sprinkles sugar on situations so that they are easier to swallow. Allowing things to not appear as they truly are. The reasoning behind this could be that people are too afraid of the truth. They choose to hide their fears, especially on social media where it’s the easiest place to do that.


How would you feel if you knew someone who contracted Ebola? Would you repost these memes?





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